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NEWS: Betty Fulcomerís My Friend Doc is a Veterinarian is live on Amazon.

Proofs on Suzanne Blaneyís Impressionism: Inspiration & Evolution came back looking good. To go live 3/25/19.

Book Shepherd: Sheri McGuinn




Co-author or ghostwrite: One free hour of consultation, then $40/hour to develop your idea.

Screenwriting on contract: Screenplays written to your specifications on a contractual basis. Iím not a member of WGA yet, so Iím within range for serious small producers. Price TBD.

Business writing: My two Masters degrees and broad base of knowledge have prepared me to do technical writing, especially turning jargon into language easily understood by your target market. I have also worked on grant proposals and promotional items. Price TBD.


Comprehensive Editing: $10/page. This includes looking at the work with your intended audience in mind. I provide corrections and notes on strengths, weaknesses, continuity, and consistency, as well as corrections based on the appropriate style guide. Comments may include suggestions for re-wording that may be used without any writer credit to me.

Proofing: $5/page. This is the final level of edit. If I did the comprehensive edit, you need a fresh set of eyes to do the proofing. However, I do proofread for other authors.

Note: Editing and proofing can be done via emailing of the document Ė I will enter comments and track changes using Word, then save it with a different file name to email it back to you. Or I can work on paper if you provide postage both ways.

Editing with Formatting

Level One: $10/page. A polished manuscript that has been edited already so editing will be primarily proofing or minor sentence adjustment for visual quality of the page. Few if any images to be inserted.

Level Two: $15.00/page. Novels that need comprehensive editing or books with many images.

Level Three: $20.00/page and up. A manuscript that needs comprehensive editing with major re-writing recommended or work with complications such as endnotes, multiple formats, foreign language and/or names that require spell-checking and/or accents, extensive fact-checking, formatting with bleed, etc.


Image preparation: Images need to be high resolution and different modes for print and e-books. This service is included in Editing with Formatting. Otherwise, it is $5/image or $20/five.


Coaching clients can hire an artist to design their cover or do it themselves. Any work I do on a cover is charged on an hourly basis, currently $40/hour.


As a book shepherd, I coach authors as needed through the publication process. This generally includes editing and formatting your book, and guiding you through the self-publishing process. We start with a free hour of consultation and review of your manuscript. If itís polished, you may only need a light edit as I format the book. If itís a first draft, Iíll recommend starting with a comprehensive edit or going through a good critique group before hiring anyone.

For editing, you need to email me your book in one file and provide me with .jpg or .pdf images of any illustrations. I check and adjust resolution and mode, making separate files for print and screen. Graphics such as tables are saved and inserted as images also. Taking the polished manuscript, I again edit as I format and insert images. To avoid things like widows and orphans, I may reword some sentences, but maintain your meaning and style. If this is extensive, Iíll contact you.

While Iím working on that, you will use my instructional sheets to get your own ISBNs (which gives YOU control of your book). If you want it in libraries, youíll also apply for a PCN. Unless youíve made other arrangements for publication and/or printing, youíll have opened an account with Amazonís KDP (itís not the whole story, but itís a great way to get your proofs at minimal cost).

When the manuscript is ready for uploading, I will email it to you as a .pdf for review. I make changes per your request. If thereís a good reason not to, Iíll let you know. We may repeat that process one or two more times, depending on the complexity of the project.

Meanwhile, we will have discussed your cover. I can prepare your cover images and text in the proper format for uploading, or I can work with you to design a cover, or I can prepare the whole thing for you, including text. This will follow the same kind of review process as the manuscript file.

Once the manuscript and cover files are ready for upload, youíll follow my simple instructional sheets to upload the files at Amazon and order your proof copies. One will be sent to me and one or more to you. That way weíll be able to discuss any issues that need repair. If necessary, weíll repeat that process one or two times.

Coaching Rates:

I charge for editing and formatting by the page (see above). These rates are based on a page of about 250 words. I do not charge for emails Ė Iíll let you know if youíre taking advantage of that Ė but I do charge for phone time.

If you need additional help with the publication steps or other related work, I charge on an hourly basis, currently $40/hour, counting by quarter hours. If you prefer, we can do the entire project on an hourly basis.


I also do workshops and speak on the topic of self-publishing. Price TBD.


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