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Sheri McGuinn

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I write screenplays.

In 2005 I was hired to re-write a screenplay. The producer wanted to make a major change in the story concept to make it more affordable to shoot. He gave me specific budgetary and story requirements and a four-day window to get it done before he met with potential funders. The script helped land funding for the project, more than expected, so they went back to the original concept and hired a writer with a track record to do the final script. I got paid and was credited as Creative Consultant.

While my script ended up filed away, the experience spurred my enthusiasm for writing professionally.

I’ve written screenplays for all of my novels, and the first one, Running Away, was picked up by Nasser Entertainment. They worked with Run Run Media as producer on the film, which was shown on television in French-speaking Europe and on Lifetime. The director added some scenes that moved the focus to the villain, whereas the book and original script focused on the relationship between mother and daughter. That change worked well for the movie and most of the script was still mine, so I got the writing credit.

I’ve also written screenplays for “Maria Angelica’s Baby” and a few other stories.

This spring, Nasser hired me to write a screenplay based on one of their ideas and it’s in pre-production now.

 You can check my IMDb page and my credentials.


This sample is from my short story “Conflict Resolution” and will make a short film.

If you’re interested in producing it, email me.


My daughter wrote, shot, and edited a short film about the Marine Protection Areas of northern California’s coast.

I acted as producer and assistant.

Our Wild Coast