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Sheri McGuinn

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Services Provided

I provide writing, editing and book shepherding services.

Business writing: My two Masters degrees and broad base of knowledge have also prepared me to do technical writing, especially turning jargon into language easily understood by your target market. I have also worked on grant proposals and promotional items.

Writing on contract: When a producer tells me the story and characters they want, I write a screenplay to their specifications on a contractual basis. I’m not a member of WGA yet, so I’m within range for serious small producers. If you have a book you want ghostwritten or co-authored, I can do that as well.

Editing: I do comprehensive editing. A comprehensive edit includes looking at the work with your intended audience in mind. I will provide notes on strengths/weaknesses and continuity/consistency, as well as basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections based on the appropriate style guide.

Book Shepherding: As a book shepherd, I help you as needed in the publication process. This may include editing, building an online platform and creating marketing materials, formatting your book, and/or walking you through the self-publishing process—basically whatever help you need.

I also do workshops and speak on the topic of self-publishing.


Writing projects: we’ll negotiate a flat fee per project.

Editing: I’ll take a look at the project as a whole and do a sample edit on 5 pages for $20. We can then negotiate a flat price for the project.

Book shepherding: I will keep track of time spent on your projects and charge on an hourly basis, unless there is a specific project for which you’d rather negotiate a flat fee. $20/hour is my base rate.

Work Samples

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Published Articles


Grant Writing

Promotional Work


I helped these authors with formatting and the self-publication process at the quality level each desired.


Please go to the Credentials page of my website to review my resume, education, and references.


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